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New TC 6.3 Firmware From Cisco Embeds Native Support for VideoRoaming

B2B Video Calling with Global Reach
and Quality has Never Been Easier

NOVEMBER 12, 2013: OSLO, NORWAY: Media Network Services (MNS) today announced that its VideoRoaming service is natively supported in Cisco endpoints running the newly released TC 6.3 firmware.

Users of the Cisco TelePresence C, SX, EX, MX and Profile Series endpoints can from TC 6.3 and with a small configuration change experience VideoRoaming’s unparalleled global off-net reach and predictable high quality when calling customers, suppliers and partners, anywhere in the world.

MNS’ CEO Hans Fredrik Johansen comments:
“VideoRoaming is the only global B2B network for video conferencing that is not limiting its reach to members-only, but that is open to anyone with an endpoint connected to Internet.  We believe that enterprises' value and ROI of video conferencing increase exponentially with the number of endpoints reachable with business quality. VideoRoaming ensures that your endpoint is ready for tomorrow’s business call and that you capture the value of the exponential network effects.”

While native embedment of VideoRoaming is new in T.C 6.3, the feature has been available in the Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence (AKA Movi and software client for several years. With a small configuration change (AKA MNS Mode) in the Cisco TMS, administrators can easily activate VideoRoaming for a group of Jabber users (if not all).

250.000 (and growing) Jabber users already enjoy the benefits of VideoRoaming whenever calling an arbitrary endpoint, across the pacific or across the street, and whenever connecting from the outside (from home, from a customer's premises, in an hotel, etc.) to the head office.

VideoRoaming is available through most Cisco Service Providers and Resellers. Contact your Service Provider/Reseller to get details subscription options.

Please see for more details on VideoRoaming enablement of Cisco endpoints with TC 6.3.

Press contact: MNS: Kjell Oksendal,, +47 91845414

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